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Environment Policy

KY Steel adopted a fundamental principle - "the need to pursue" business development while sustaining natural resources and a high quality environment for human life. We acknowledge that the process and products we provide have the potential to interact with the environment. Our proactive actions and proposals for minimizing environmental impact can bring a positive influence on the quality of livelihood for ourselves and our future generations. In our steel manufacturing process and at all our workplaces we follow the following environmental principles that govern all our works.

  • We shall uphold a fundamental regard for the environment.
  • We shall follow all prevailing environmental guidelines of the land.
  • We shall undertake projects and future endeavors that incorporate procedures for taking into account of all the environmental considerations.
  • We shall take proactive measures to recycle and reuse all resources possible to minimize usage and wastage.
  • We shall educate and advocate our internal and external customers and all business partners to take positive measures towards sustainable and environmental-friendly practices in all steps of businesses.
  • We shall include environmental considerations in the company’s quality control system.