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KY STEEL is one of the first world-class galvanized iron sheets manufacturing company in Bangladesh established in the year 1989. The company currently holds 18% of the total flat steel market of Bangladesh. The total yearly sales of KY Steel is $180 million with around 1323 employees. The total size of the facility is 2,80,000 sq. ft. with the production capacity of 200,000 M.T per year. The major products of KY Steel are CR Coil, GCI Sheets, Color Coated Sheets, CRFH and CRCA. KY Steel has its footprint in all 64 states of the nation and is regarded as one of the highest exporters of flat steel products from Bangladesh; making its presence over 22 countries throughout the globe.

KY Steel’s humble past represents much more than a quarter of a century of steel manufacturing. The company’s dynamic ability to operate a sustainable business is demonstrated by its adaptation to all regulatory and economic changes imposed and also by the deployment of automation in all its processes.

Our Factories
  • ✔ KYCR Coil Industries Limited Unit-1
  • ✔ KYCR Coil Industries Limited Unit-2
  • ✔ Steel Accessories Limited

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kycr coil industries ltd. (unit-2)

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Steel Accessories Ltd.

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Environment Policy

KY Steel adopted a fundamental principle - "the need to pursue" business development while sustaining natural resources and a high quality environment for human life. We acknowledge that the process and products we provide have the potential to interact with the environment. Our proactive actions and proposals for minimizing environmental impact can bring a positive influence on the quality of livelihood for ourselves and our future generations. In our steel manufacturing process and at all our workplaces we follow the following environmental principles that govern all our works.

  • We shall uphold a fundamental regard for the environment.
  • We shall consider the natural and social conditions of the area.
  • We shall follow all prevailing environmental guidelines of the land.
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"A Leader is one who knows the way and shows the way."
- John C. Maxwell

Group Chairman
Mr. Khalilur Rahman​
Managing Director
Mr. Salim Rahman​

We Are Everywhere

KY Steel encompasses its footprint throughout all 64 districts of the nation and regarded as one of the highest exporters of flat steel products from Bangladesh operating around 22 countries.

Around 15 percent of KY Steel products are being exported to Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Dubai, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Peru, Colombia and eleven countries in West Africa.

3 Factories
1323 Employees
64 Districts
22 Countries

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